What's so Fascinating about Fascia?

Fascia is the connective tissue that binds together the muscles, nerves, joints, and blood vessels within our body. Fascia is an amazing anatomical system of high importance to human movement. Just below the skin, there is a type of fascia called the "superficial fascia" or "hypodermis" and another type directly beneath this called the "deep fascia", which is usually tougher and tighter than the superficial fascia. Both layers of fascia are richly supplied with free nerve endings. When the fascia is stretched, the nerve endings are stretched too, providing the body with sensory feedback that feeds into our ability to prevent pain and coordinate movement.

No matter what we do- whether it be sitting in an office chair or riding a bike for hours each day, our bodies are often subject to the same positions. Yoga is beneficial in balancing out our movements, and yin yoga, which focuses on relaxing our fascia, is particularly helpful because it taps into these connective tissues that we normally don't reach. By holding certain poses for longer lengths of time- even up to 5 minutes, we can release our fascia which tightens with our daily body use.

This week's yoga Instructor - Park Baker - specializes in restorative yin yoga for athletes and couch potatoes alike. No matter what you do, this class is for you!

We will continue to offer Saturday morning yoga classes at 9:15am. These are all donation based with a rotation of instructors.