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5 Gift Ideas - Your Guide for the Holiday Season

November 19, 2018

Halfway through November already- where has the year gone?!

As we try to catch up with the time, we realize you've got a lot on your minds. 


You've got questions.

They may be something like:


"What am I going to bring to Friendsgiving?"

"How can I surprise Dad with a great gift?

"I wonder what my sister would enjoy receiving this year?"
"My best friend Becky deserves the perfect present, what can I get for her?


We've got answers. 

Check out 5 quick gift ideas that your closest friends and family members will LOVE to receive. 


1. Pairings

Two is better than one. For example: a mug and a bag of beans.

Ditch the Turkey and bring the beans - coffee beans of course! Don't show up to a holiday dinner without a hostess gift - pick up some smooth Ridgeline and a locally hand-made mug to drink it from!



2. A New Brew

Don't let great coffee be poorly brewed! Provide your loved ones with a new way to brew - try our Siphon, a fun and funky way to brew a strong and smooth cup of hot coffee, perfect for parties. Want something that takes less time but still brews a beautiful cup of joe? Pick up a pourover,  a simple and easy way for a daily cup.  Make sure you don't leave without a hand grinder - a great tool for home or to take on the go for the freshest beans, every time! Not sure what you need? Come in and ask our baristas to show you some options.