New Years Resolutions

To all of our Fellow Coffee Enthusiasts,

Thanks a latte for all of the support you've given us. We can't espresso how much it means to us here at Pisgah Coffee Roasters. 2018 provided us with an abundance of perks and, among all of the growth and opportunities, our customers and community have kept us grounded. We appreciate all of you - from our loyal neighbors who have bean with us since our first year roasting 8 years ago, to the many wonderful people who have recently discovered our coffee through fundraisers, local retailers, or come through our newly-opened retail and coffee shop.

Going into 2019, our team has countless New Years Resolutions, including keeping everyone happily caffeinated.

We'd like to hear your Resolutions; if you're having trouble coming up with your own, we've brainstormed a few that you might be able to add to your list:

1. Wake up and brew fresh Pisgah Coffee every morning- traditionally or add a fun twist!

2. Try out all of Pisgah Coffee Roasters' signature roasts

3. Send a bag to a friend via our subscription service

4. Stop in for an event at the shop

5. Take a day trip to a new spot who carries our coffee

6. Take a pic and share the love of your favorite local coffee on social media

Just Brew It. ✔

Have some more ideas? Share with us!

Keep in touch and see you in 2019!